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Edward B. Barbier is the John S Bugas Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, University... Read more »

Ejaz Ghani has worked on Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. Prior to joining the World Bank, he taught economics at Oxford Universit... Read more »

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Ella is an international development professional from Australia and currently a consultant working for the World Bank’s Fragility,... Read more »
Emanuela Galasso is a senior economist in the Poverty and Inequality Unit of the Development Research Group. Her main research... Read more »

Zeina Afif, Jorge Luis Castaneda, Abigail Dalton, Saman... Read more »

Emcet O. Tas is a Social Development Specialist at the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. Trained as a... Read more »
Emmanuelle Auriol, is Professor of economics at Toulouse School of Economics, France. Auriol studied Economics at the... Read more »
Eric Swanson, is a co-founder and director of research for Open Data Watch. He is responsible for the... Read more »
Erick Tjong joined the Doing Business team in February 2015. He currently works on the Starting a Business Indicator. He previously... Read more »
Erwin Knippenberg is a PhD Candidate at Cornell University, writing his dissertation on resilience measurement in the context of climate... Read more »
Espen Beer Prydz is an Economist working on issues of poverty, inequality and survey methods in the World Bank’s Development Research... Read more »
Etienne B. Yehoue (PhD, Harvard University) is a senior economist in the European Department at the International Monetary Fund. He... Read more »
Eugenia Suarez Moran joined the Bank in October 2011 and is a core team member of the Read more »