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Fabian Mendez-Ramos is an economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Kuala Lumpur... Read more »
Facundo Abraham is a Research Analyst in the Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the Development Research Group. He... Read more »

Fei Yuan is a Ph.D student in Education at Harvard University, where she is focused on education policy and program evaluation. Prio... Read more »

Felipe Alexander Dunsch is an Impact Evaluation Coordinator with DIME, working mainly on health and governance IEs in... Read more »
Felipe Jaramillo es Director Senior de la Práctica Global de Macroeconomía y Gestión Fiscal del Grupo del Banco Mundial (MFM).
... Read more »
Fenghua Song is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. His primary research... Read more »
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Princeton University. Her interests include Development Economics, Health... Read more »
Fernando Aragon is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University, Canada. His main area of research is the study of the... Read more »
Finn Tarp also holds the Chair of Professor of Development Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen,... Read more »

Flaviana Palmisano is a post-doc fellow at University of Bari. She holds a PhD in Economics at the same University. She was visiting... Read more »

Forhad Shilpi is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group (Agriculture and Rural Development Team). Her current research... Read more »

Fotini Christia is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her book entitled Alliance... Read more »

Francesca has worked on governance, integrity and corruption since the beginning of her career working at the Center of Insti... Read more »

Francisco H. G.... Read more »
Francisco Perez-Arce is an economist at the RAND Corporation where he conducts research in labor markets, education, and development... Read more »
François de Soyres is an Economist at the World Bank, currently working in the Chief Economist Office, Middle East and... Read more »
Frederic Meunier joined the Doing Business team in December 2009. He currently leads the Starting a Business indicator and was... Read more »
Dr. Fredrik M Sjoberg is a data analyst and political scientist with extensive experience public and the private sector. He has been... Read more »
Fulbert Tchana Tchana is a Senior Economist at the World Bank in the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Global Practice. He obtained his... Read more »