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Maarten Bosker's picture
Maarten Bosker is Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research focuses on the role of geography in the development process.... Read more »
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Magda Stepanyan holds two master’s degrees: in Sociology (from Yerevan State University, Armenia) and in Public Administration (from Leiden University,... Read more »
Maira Reimao's picture
Maira Reimao is a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California - Davis as well as a consultant in the World... Read more »
Manny Fassihi's picture
Manny Fassihi is currently a first-year Master's student in Georgetown's Global Human Development Program and a Fellow for the Global Futures Initiative... Read more »
Marcelo Olarreaga's picture
Marcelo Olarreaga is Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London.... Read more »
Margaret Grosh's picture

Margaret Grosh is the Lead Economist for Human Development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region and co- leader for the Safety Nets Global Exp... Read more »

Margaret McMillan's picture

Margaret McMillan is currently the Director of the Division of Development Strategies and Governance at the International Food Policy Research... Read more »

Margaux Hall's picture

Margaux J. Hall is a consultant in the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency based in Sierra Leone. Her work focuses on just... Read more »

Maria Ana Lugo's picture
Maria Ana works at the office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Bank on issues of economic mobility, inequality of... Read more »
Maria Soledad Martinez Peria's picture

Maria Soledad Martinez Peria is the Research Manager of the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Economi... Read more »

Mark Dutz's picture
Mark Dutz is leading the work program on innovation and growth in the Economic Policy and Debt Department of the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and... Read more »
Mark Suzman's picture
Mark Suzman is Managing Director for International Policy and Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In that capacity he leads a team that... Read more »
Marlaine E. Lockheed's picture
Marlaine E. Lockheed is a Visiting Lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and has four decades of experience advising governments... Read more »
Maros Ivanic's picture

Dr. Maros Ivanic is economist with the Agriculture and Rural Development team of the Development Economics Research Group at the World Bank where he... Read more »

Martin Melecky's picture

Martin Melecky is Lead Economist at the Chief Economist Office for South Asia, World Bank. Recently, he has lead financial sector ... Read more »

Martin Rama's picture
His previous assignments include a one-year spell with the Chief Economist office in South Asia region, and from July to December 2010 he served as the... Read more »
Martin Ravallion's picture

Martin Ravallion is the Edmond D. Villani Professor of Economics at Georgetown University. Prior to this, he was the Director of the Development Re... Read more »

Matt Hobson's picture
Matt Hobson is a Coordinator for the Ethiopia's PSNP's Donor Coordination tem, in collaboration with the WDR 2014 team. Read more »
Mead Over's picture

Mead Over is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development researching economics of efficient, effective, and cost-effective health... Read more »

Merrell Tuck-Primdahl's picture

Merrell is Senior Communications Officer in the World Bank’s Development Economics Vice Presidency, a job she has held since 2007. She has worked a... Read more »

Michael O’Sullivan's picture
Michael O’Sullivan is an Economist and the land thematic leader for the World Bank's Gender Innovation Lab. He analyzes the impact of agriculture and... Read more »
Michael Toman's picture
Michael Toman (Mike) is Lead Economist on Climate Change in the Development Research Group and Manager of the Energy and Environment Team. His current... Read more »
Michael Woolcock's picture
Michael Woolcock is Lead Social Development Specialist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank, where he has worked since 1998. His work... Read more »
Mikael is an online communications consultant with the Development Economics (DEC) group at the World Bank.  He is one of the editors of Let's Talk... Read more »
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Minh Cong Nguyen is an Economist in the Poverty Global practice at the World Bank. 

Read more »
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Mohini Datt is a trade policy analyst with the international trade department of the World Bank, where she has written on trade protectionism and recent... Read more »