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Submitted by maithreyi krishnaraj on

A major problem in India is that land records are notoriously unreliable. A lot of 'be nami' transactions take place to escape the land ceiling Act. What land owners do is to show sections of lad under different names. India has sub divided land to allocate to many sons etc so that the average size is extremely small less than half an hectare. Women do not have independent land rights though with male migration, women are the farmers. See my study" women farmers of India" published by the National Book Trust in Delhi. IN put costs are heavy so small farmers cannot afford them. Public investment is inadequate in irrigation, soil improvement, fertilisers etc so yields are very low. The majority of workers are still in rural areas, but agriculture is in poor shape- poverty is connected to our state of agriculture though the potential is great.
Maithreyi Krishnaraj