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Sorry about that. SBA is skilled birth attendance. I was trying to say that child health (like adult health) reflects a variety of "proximate" determinants -- things that have a direct effect on health. They include interventions delivered by health professionals but also ones that are delivered by caregivers in the home. I'd include handwashing by a mother as a caregiver-delivered intervention. All these proximate determinants are in turn influenced by the "underlying" determinants of health, such as the family's income, the mother's education, how far the family lives from clinics, the water supply in the neighborhood, etc. Most of the interventions delivered by professionals have developed in most countries in a pro-poor way. But because health outcomes haven't done so, the implication is that some proximate determinants haven't developed in a pro-poor way. Yet all the proximate determinants are ultimately shaped by the same underlying determinants, so it's puzzling why some have developed in a pro-poor fashion and others apparently haven't.