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Submitted by Florence Mbogu on

Thank you for the mail on Health and the SDGs: Out of the doldrums, heading for the rapids.Most of the issues raised are facts that need to be addressed properly for SDGs Strategy to work well in Countries alike. I also support the last paragraph of the article on:
The important thing is we get away from the rapids—from thinking we can capture UHC by counting “the number of people covered by health insurance or a public health system” to focusing on households’ spending on health services. I suggest that Nigeria be included in the study of countries implementation level to help give us clue to the degree of implementation and impact of out of pocket financial drain and poverty outcome and death indices truly present in some countries to help guide decision taken. We all contributed during the beyond 2015 agenda based on our experiences and countries perspectives, but unfortunately it is only a few that will seat and take decisions based on their own convictions. Kindly check out financial household out of pocket expenses of countries UHC or NHSS that do not cover Non-communicable diseses in the scheme.It will be really too bad if at the end these issues are neglected. Thank you.

Time to change tack