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Ack! Brilliant. Why did Pitt and Khandker refuse to publish their code and obstruct replication efforts? Clearly because they were worried others would be able to prove they made a mistake. Clearly, then, who is responsible for any inability to replicate PK? Pitt and Khandker. When did they finally publish their code? After two years scrutinizing RM's code and work, all of which RM published as a way to invite validation and testing. How do they respond? "Yeah, we'll see who ends up discredited," writes Khandker, finally making the taunt he's been waiting 2 years to make in the comments section of an old blog post of Roodman's ( Then they enlist the funder of their research in a blatant effort to discredit RM, all of which has been cleverly made possible through a combination of their own obstruction and RM's transparency. There are definitely some key lessons to be learned here, but I'm not really sure what they'll turn out to be. The "academic court" needs to realize very clearly who should be walking away with egg on their face after all this.