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The claim made in this post - Pitt and Khandker resisted the replication efforts because they were worried others would find out their mistakes - is simply absurd as it has been proved by now that it is Roodman and Morduch, not Pitt and Khandker, who made mistakes. What is ridiculous - this claim is made after Roodman already admitted his mistakes. Also, Roodman himself has to take the blame for his inability to replicate PK, because once the mistakes in Roodmane's code are corrected, RM results match PK results extremely well (translation, replicate well), as shown by Roodman himself. A mistake is a mistake, period. A delay of two years in exposing it does not make it anything else. Yes, PK should take some responsibility for not responding earlier, as the erroneous findings of RM have been widely circulated with far-reaching implications during the last two years. Finally, Roodman deserves credit for admitting his mistakes in his first reaction. And it would be more creditable if he, in the light of the revelation of his mistakes, mentions during various dissemination opportinities that his replication exercise in fact substantiates PK's results despite their disagreement about identification.