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Submitted by Godelieve van Heteren on
A blog is like a large tweet sometimes:)). Thank you, Adam, for making me smile on a Wednesday morning in Amsterdam, where I got up early to see if Obama had won. When I filed out of that same hall on Saturday, I thought: thank you, organizers, for a great symposium which managed to provide us in three days with a full tour d'horizon of the pros and cons of this 'new' fashion in health policy and reform. Where in well-selected plenaries, such as the one on mixed methodologies, or those on countries' struggle with UHC, and in almost 200 break-out sessions, health researchers, policy-makers and practitioners met to engage with each others' efforts to improve health systems. In that context it did not feel inappropriate at all to have a grand finale with some rhetoric and release of more personal views. In fact, Richard Horton merely pitched his 'blog' in an appeal to not only think, but also act sometimes in the face of what the world looks like. I did not feel this was at the detriment of robust research, but rather complementary to it. In any case, I was out of Beijing before the real snow fell... Godelieve van Heteren, director Rotterdam Global Health Initiative, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL