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Submitted by Gyorgy Fritsche on
This is a very nice blog Adam. We have indeed known for ages the problem: inequitable health systems that deliver low quality inaccessible health care to the poorest. The question for us - implementers and practitioners - is as follows. How do we move from what we know (for ages) to solutions that work in the most difficult of circumstances. Let us say: how we can we get the Nigeria’s and the DRCs to work better - soon. Can we use all we know so far to deliver in moving such health systems to deliver better? The money is there. The knowledge is there. But how can we move with our knowledge to delivering solutions that work? Solutions are available, and such solutions also are in need of being branded differently, to move into a world where UHC has become the new slogan. It is indeed old wine in a new bottle. We need people like you to help us frame this better and to help us explain to others why we do what we do.