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Submitted by Mary Worth on
I think you are adopting a populist goal, with populist rhetoric to boot. The goal has to be health. Health is not needing any health care. All UHC does is pay for medical-pharma-sector that has disputable uncertain and even negative effect on health. This is a terrible waste! fix that waste and bad service... and then expand access for the far fewer ill because numbers of ill will fall due to PREVENTING disease by reducing the factors. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This beats UHC, especially when you consider the price of apples and the apparent impossibility of quality dissease care for affordable price. The medical-pharma sector is extortionist (sure ,any business would do same if given a chance)and are using you and UHC rhetoric to make more and more money. Helmets, traffic lights, speed limits, car inspections etc ... Fewer injuries every day. Sanitation, garbage collection, fewer rats and pigs in cities .... Far less disease for children, adults, those still unborn, billions of people with better health - and less need for disease care. Sugary sodas. Animal disease like rabies. Etc etc. Sorry, but it is francly surprising that multi-sector WorLd Bank does not push prevention in the very center of its program as the main focus, or as the only program because of the large effect on population-wide health conditions. Or do you have to make programs only to benefit the health care sector? It seems that way because there is only UHC money-raising for the health care sector So please Focus on PREVENTION first, second and third, especially prevention of disease and disability through non-health sector actions. Alcohol, tobacco, diet, sugar, salt, environment, pollution, infectious disease, etc. Prevention cost a miniscule fraction of what it will cost the poor countries if UHC is done insted. You cannot do both on the margin, so choose the right thing - health - over populist UHC goal. World Bank advice should not "kill the patient". Thank you.