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I see you have clearly captured the real meaning of UHC, and clarified the misconceptions.

UHC is really about ensuring access to the health care services people need. It is no rocket science.

I am however surprised that the UN High Level Panel did not list UHC as a goal despite overwhelming evidence and global consensus for the goal. This is very disappointing. Although the panel's report highlights the bold goal of ending poverty by 2030, ensuring gender equality, universal access to water and sanitation, I would really like to know why its goal 4 states only as: 'ensuring healthy lives'

I believe Mrs Gauri understands UHC, and she even supports it here. The same is likely the case for many women in sub-Saharan Africa who have limited or no access to essential health services they need. They want to get quality healthcare without deepening existing poverty levels.

UHC is more than just a goal; it is a system-oriented framework that guarantees that we can effectively knock out AIDS, malaria, TB and NCDs. It is simply inspiring.

We look forward to the report of the UN Open Working Group on sustainable development goals.