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I agree with your concerns, and we will need more voices to add, to create the concophany need to change where we go after this latest "report".
I find you figures/ methods for evaluating humorous -much like listing whats for dinner by smelling the breezes from a restaurants kitchen. Granted that is not your problem, but rather the documents.
Continuing In the vein of pseudo analytics: Knowing a tweet is 140 chars max, the amount written on any one goal is roughly 3 tweets, and variants between less than a tweet. Pitiful no? - One can only say that this report,this DRAFT report, with xx.xx for numbers, can only, MUST only be the preliminary preamble for a much more detailed and comprehensive living set of documents. Defining the chapters and metrics, refraining from undue Utopian and political meandering shall be amazing in itself. Now where is the roadmap and timeline to do this?