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  • Reply to: Are China’s rural children able to rise above their station in life?   1 day 4 hours ago

    Very Interesting and Informative, But, Question is still unresolved, Either Economic mobility is found in China, and the gap between rich and poor is competitive or not? Educational and Occupational mobility are good indicators, But not enough to satisfy the conclusion.

  • Reply to: Multinationals indeed bring good jobs to host countries – here’s why   5 days 21 hours ago
    Dear Bir, 
    My blog does not suggest that inviting FDI is the only, or even the best, policy available to a developing country.  Bringing multinationals is not going to address inequalities in the land distribution and is not a substitute for providing universal elementary education. However, it can contribute to boosting the aggregate productivity of the country, though admittedly the magnitude of the effect will depend on the conditions in the specific country. If policy makers are concerned about pay inequality, then the best way of addressing this issue is using progressive taxes rather than by banning FDI altogether.
  • Reply to: Research at Work 2015: Turning Insight into Impact   1 week 3 days ago

    The Research Reports Have been provided a reliable imformations

  • Reply to: Multinationals indeed bring good jobs to host countries – here’s why   1 week 4 days ago

    I don't agree with the author. There are many realistic and structural barriers in developing economies which can't be overcome by just inviting more FDI to these economies. First of all,stark inequalities in asset distribution principally land resources due to social, political and historical reasons. Knowledge spillover can be expected provided effective quality elementary education is available for masses. Secondly, wage premium to go up in high profit making MNC is also highly debatable depending on Data selection and subjectivity of analysis.In the post globalization era in the world economy, ratio between CEO salary and worker salary has increased to astronomical proportions. i think that political economic factors are most important in deciding net results of FDI for the host economy.

  • Reply to: Rise of informality in the tradable sector-- evidence from India   1 week 5 days ago

    I think, The growth of the vast informal sectors in India, Benefitting without paying the "Taxes" is due to the, 'Democratised" personal privilaged mindsets of every Indians,To own the earnings with themselves,Not interested to spare it as the "Taxes" to the Government, Which had preveiling in Our Economy for long years, While the Indians not known to Legal apetite to pay the'Tax" and get the Infrastructure from the Government, leading the Country with the informal secter developments which are paying the personal stomachs while sitting on the Dumpyards, Which are creating the more dumpyards.But,We will not change in near future, because of our changing is not taking as the consideration of our future,We will be there as the same with the inborn privilaged mentality to keep on going with the "SAME".