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Friday round up: Fighting extremism, Peru and health care, latest climate report, the Palma inequality measure, and Laos in space

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Malaysia's Prime Minister is interviewed in New York earlier this week by Fareed Zakaria, explaining the Global Movement of Moderates that he set up to counter extremist ideology.

In "The BRICs Paradox: A Healthy Economy and Bad health Care," Eduardo Gomez writes in The Atlantic on how Peru is growing robustly yet still faltering in terms of health system reforms.

In the NYT's Dot Earth blog, Andrew Revkin describes how the IPCC's fifth report clarifies humanity's choices.

Global income inequality is the subject of a post by Max Fisher of the Washington Post, where he cites a new CGD working paper by Alex Cobham and Andy Sumner on the Palma measure.

In 'Laos in space: measuring local economies,' a commentator on Banyan (an Economist blog) ponders work by Souknilanh Keola, Magnus Andersson and Olla Hall that estimates changes in the Lao economy by feeding a variety of economic models with some basic facts about land use and then adding granular data about night-time emissions of light, gathered from satellite images.

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