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Friday roundup: US jobs, Arctic methane, Stiglitz on free trade, Summers-Yellen contest, politics in Zimbabwe and Telangana

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The US administration hails a new jobs report, saying it provides further confirmation that economic recovery continues.

An alarming new report in Nature magazine on the costs of Arctic methane warns that the price tag for such emissions could approach the value of the global economy.

Joe Stiglitz has a piece on transpacific and transatlantic trade deals in Project Syndicate titled 'The Free-Trade Charade.'

Brad De Long has a piece in the FT on the choice of either Larry Summers or Janet Yellen for chair of the US Federal Reserve.

Zimbabwe's BDLive news website reports on how an army of bloggers has added an explosive dimension to the Zimbabwe elections.

"The creation of a new state of Telangana in India opens up opportunities for harmonious and inclusive development," writes C H Hanumanta Rao in an opinion piece in The Economic Times.

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