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Nearly all commodity price indexes rose in September – Pink Sheet

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Energy commodity prices increased more than 5 percent in September—the third consecutive monthly gain—led by a surge in oil prices, the World Bank’s Pink Sheet reported.

Non-energy prices rose modestly. Agriculture prices climbed a little over 1 percent, led by strong upturns in most edible oils and wheat.
The outlier to the trend of increases, beverage prices, fell 1 percent due to weakness in coffee prices. Fertilizer prices surged over 6 percent, led by a 16 percent jump in Urea.

Metals and mineral prices were strengthened a modest 1 percent, led by a 5 percent escalation in zinc prices. Precious metals prices advanced 2 percent with similar expansions for gold and silver.
The pink sheet is a monthly report that monitors commodity price movements.
Most commodity price indexes rose in September.
All three commodity price indexes posted gains in September.

Most commodity prices increased in September.
Nominal prices, percent changes, September over August

Source: World Bank.


World Bank Commodity Markets
October Pink Sheet

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