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Rumah kami, desa kami, kami akan bangun kembali

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Pada bulan September tahun ini, saya mengungjungi masyarakat beberapa desa di Yogyakarta yang tengah membangun kembali rumah dan kehidupan mereka setelah mengalami serangkaian bencana alam. Pembangunan kembali yang saya lihat merupakan contoh bagaimana masyarakat bisa berpartisipasi dalam situasi pasca bencana.

Rumah kami, desa kami, kami akan bangun kembali

Saya mau anak saya belajar di sekolah seperti ini

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Orangtua dan masyarakat akan semakin mendukung sekolah kalau memiliki informasi mengenai sumberdaya sekolah.

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Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, saat saya masih di bangku sekolah, interaksi antara orangtua saya dengan sekolah terbatas hanya saat pembagian raport, juga beberapa kali saat saya sedang bermasalah. Itu saja. Meski anak saya baru berumur satu setengah tahun, saya sudah mulai mencari-cari sekolah yang cocok dan kalau bisa saya tidak mau ia belajar di sekolah seperti saya dulu.

I want my children to go to this kind of school

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Parents and community members are more willing to support a school from having full knowledge about the school's resources.

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Years and years ago, when I was still in school, the interaction my parents had with the school was only during report card day, and perhaps the odd times I got into trouble. That was it. Although my son is only a year and a half old, I’ve been on the lookout for a school and I would rather not have him study at the type of school I went to.

Indonesia: Hacking for Humanity

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It has been another inspiring and exciting weekend of 'hacking for humanity' at the 3rd bi-annual Random hacks of Kindness (RHoK). On 4-5 December, the Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR) alongside other partners including the Bank hosted the Jakarta-leg of Random Hacks of Kindness. This global event brought together disaster risk managers and over a thousand software engineers (the hackers) to 21 locations around the world for a 48-hour “hackathon”. During the event teams of hackers developed practical software solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters and help save lives.

Time to wake up to disaster prevention, Asia

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A power substation in Yingxhou, Sichuan Province was almost totally destroyed in the magnitude 7.9 Sichuan-Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

The statistics are startling. 75% of global flood mortality risk is concentrated in only three Asian countries: Bangladesh, China and India. 85 % of deaths from tropical cyclones are in just two Asian countries: Bangladesh and India. Indeed, Bangladesh alone accounts for over three-quarters of people dying from tropical cyclones. 85% of global earthquake risk is concentrated in only 12% of the earth’s surface—a large part of it in Asia. In 2009, six of the ten countries with the highest mortality rates and GDP losses from natural disasters were in Asia.  82% of all lives lost in disasters since 1997, are in Asian countries.


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It is part of World Bank tradition that, just before retiring, a staff member sends a short email to his/her colleagues to express how much they have enjoyed the challenges of working here, the partnerships they have had in their focus countries, and - most of all - the camaraderie of their committed, dedicated, hard-working co-workers. All this could be perceived as trite, but the feelings are absolutely genuine – as I am now finding.

Carbon Expo highlights China's experience in Clean Development Mechanism

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Ok. We are back again @ Carbon Expo. This year in Cologne. The German weather cannot really keep up with Barcelona (were Carbon Expo was held in 2009) but we are keeping the spirits up and the opening event proved to be very interesting with a speech by the German Environment Minister, Norbert Roettgen.

On his round across the fairground the Minister then visited the China booth and the East Asia Pavilion, where Thailand, Mongolia, Lao, and Indonesia and China are exhibiting. Jiao Xiaoping, Deputy Director General, CDM Fund, China, welcomed the Minister and presented him with the latest report on "Clean Development Mechanism in China". We'll soon have it up here.