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10 (+1) tips for finding a job in development

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Jobs aren't easy to come by these days, no matter where you live. The ongoing global downturn is making finding employment even more of a challenge, and in the middle of a job hunt, any advice is usually welcome. Which makes this recent post by political science professor Chris Blattman timely. He highlights development blogger Alanna Shaikh's five tips for finding an international development job – and adds a few of his own (see the tips after the jump).

From Shaikh:
    1. Get an office job while you're still in school.
    2. Study something useful at university.
    3. Learn to write.
    4. Study a second language.
    5. Have a goal for what you want to do ("specific, but not too specific").

From Blattman:
    6. Be prepared to volunteer.
    7. E-mail country offices and program managers directly.
    8. Consider a private firm.
    9. It's a numbers game. Sit down every day and aim to write just 5 people.
    10. Be willing to go to uncomfortable places.

Be sure to click on the links above to get Shaikh's and Blattman's full descriptions of each tip, which are worth reading.

Another point we'd like to throw into the mix is, where you can find information on non-profit organizations, groups, jobs or volunteer opportunities. The website also gives a way to connect with other people associated with – or interested in – nonprofit or development-related work.