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Submitted by Giang on

I understand that your project was aimed at educating construction workers about HIV/AIDS and safe sex. This project was a great first step in the plan towards a Healthy Vietnam. Sex education is still limited in Vietnam and there are a great deal of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, even in the cities. Without proper awareness, Vietnam is still at high risk.

I was wondering if you foresee additional projects that would not only replicate this approach, but also encompass more focus groups (i.e. those residing in rural areas, highlanders, and the youth population). What challenges do you foresee in them? What factors could affect their potential effectiveness?

In addition, how can we be sure that Vietnam only has 0.3% prevalence rate? This rate could actually be higher due to the stigma that is associated with HIV/AIDS testing, preventing people from actually getting tested. Some might go on without knowing that they have contracted this disease and then engaged in unprotected sex.