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Submitted by Olivier Chiang Mai on

Pollution in Chiang has become a real problem many years ago and this city is now truly unhealthy 4 to 5 months a year. Still barely anything concrete has been undertaken by the local powers.
One suggestion to make WB budget worthwhile: turn red taxi (songtaew) into "green" taxis, by encouraging them to switch to gas engines. They are currently the biggest polluters in Chiang Mai with their old diesel engines...but they are also cheap and quite reliable. Such transition to gas engines (see Taxis in Bangkok for instance) would cost much less than developing new public transport systems. There are plenty of ways to do so: from direct public support for engine transition to fiscal and commercial incentives (tax cuts, monopoly on some destinations etc.)
There would also be a need to limit the number of private cars in some areas such as the University.