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Thanks for sharing, Dan. I agree with Diane Ravitch's lesson that improving the quality of life will enhance education performance. As I note in my blog, Vietnam's success in PISA relies on the performance of 15 year-olds who are still in school. Many, often disadvantaged and poor students, have dropped out by that age. This suggests that PISA may overestimate the competencies of Vietnamese 15 year-olds and underestimate the impact of socio-economic background on learning outcomes. Furthe progress in poverty reduction will enable more young people to get a good education and take advantage of expanding economic opportunity in Vietnam. Also, I agree with her that test scores are not everything. Vietnamese employers tell us that graduates often lack creative and critical thinking. Clearly, the Vietnamese education system has a way to go in this direction and needs to reflect these skills in a comprehensive student assessment system. Check out Chapter 4 of "Skilling Up Vietnam" for more!