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Submitted by FILIPINAS R. AMOLAT on

Hi Nicholas,

Your write-up on the Alternative Learning System had been both inspiring and at the same time an eye-opener for me about commendable programs that are being implemented to address the literacy program in the country. Seeing the impact of work done by Charlo Galay is really heartwarming and encouraging that it makes me ask myself what ordinary citizens like us can we do to get involved in programs like this. All too often people in the corporate world like us are so engrossed with work that we often forget and neglect to give back something to society by way of voluntary involvements on worthwhile social programs.

This is where I suggest that a more active stakeholder engagement should be done when launching programs such as the ALS. Massive campaigns and information dissemination should include all sectors of society including church and the corporate world so that we can be informed and oriented of great programs and can give volunteer support in any capacity and way we can.

I hope the Alternative Learning System shall continue to be implemented and to broaden its scope and integrate Values Formation in its program. My heartfelt congratulations and commendation to the heroes of the ALS Program: Funding Agency, Dep Ed and volunteers!