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  • Reply to: One Map: accelerating unified land administration for Indonesia   3 hours 13 min ago

    "This is essential in not only planning for future infrastructure and managing natural resources but the One Map Policy could be a useful tool in teaching the youth as well. Having access to geospatial data such as this could be useful in the education of many different fields from those interested in GIS to city planners. Not only can better decision making take place with this data but future generations may be allowed for better education and training, perpetuating this cycle of better decisions about our future. #GlobalChange357

  • Reply to: Which region in the world has the smartest kids? According to the OECD, it’s East Asia   13 hours 18 min ago

    Harry, this is a very enjoyable read. It is a good summary of the fundamental issues that have been addressed by the high performers in education in East Asia. However, you downplay the role of school, teacher, and system accountability as a factor in the path to success. Do you think that the limited success experienced by Thailand is related to low accountabilty? What do you think are the factors blocking high performance in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand? Inversely, do you think that accountability played a role in the most successful countries?

  • Reply to: One Map: accelerating unified land administration for Indonesia   4 days 3 hours ago

    It's an excellent initiative!

    Mapping agricultural resources alongside changing climate and its impact could take this further, giving insights into prmary economic activities in emerging world.

    You may also want to checkout and their tools which enables above for across the world

  • Reply to: The World Bank's shared history with Singapore   6 days 4 hours ago

    This is such a helpful article to appreciate the ties between the World Bank and Singapore. May the Singapore Hub continue to flourish under Jordan's good leadership and the talented team here to share their time and expertise.

  • Reply to: The logical next step toward gender equality: Generating evidence on what works   1 month 1 week ago

    This is a very nice and inspired article. However, I really wonder that what are the data and researches that the writer used to support his view? Based on my observation, this article makes me feel that the over all statements and ideas are too personal and fixed - superficial prejudice rather than the results from a holistic research about gender roles and gender movements in changing Vietnamese society.