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  • Reply to: Empowering Myanmar’s rural poor through community-driven development   8 hours 43 min ago

    Very impressive! IDA should to support more this kind of projects that help the poorest directly.

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    Excellent article: very enlightening!

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  • Reply to: From Evidence to Impact: reaching Indonesia’s poorest through better targeting   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I find the topic of this article important and highly relevant. However, while I understand the advantages of having a Unified Database for poverty alleviation projects, I would like to make a case for using local databases in some contexts. My recent PhD dissertation research in one kabupaten in West Java revealed that the national health insurance program, Jamkesmas, that used the national database, failed to reach many of the poor. The supplementary local Jamkesda program used a different database, namely the family planning database that was decentralized and was updated monthly by local volunteers. Using this database, Jamkesda reached many of the people who were missed by Jamkesmas. As the authors of this article point out people move in and out of poverty and sickness is a common cause of a descent into poverty. The local family planning database is updated more frequently than the national database so it has a better chance of keeping up to date with the changing circumstances of the poor.

  • Reply to: Steak, fries and air pollution   3 weeks 6 days ago

    We are beginning to understand how PM2.5 impact our health, this is like an explainer to our misconception.We thought the impact was negligible,but this info has proven otherwise.