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 Last week I asked you to send us your questions about the challenges faced by rapidly urbanizing countries. Please see below my video with urban specialist Dean Cira, where he addresses 5 of the many questions received. Dean will follow up soon with a blog post tackling some of your other questions and comments. Thanks!


Huong Lan Vu

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June 26, 2012

Dean, thank you for answering my question on the need for GOOD GOVERNANCE to make planning to accommodate the on-going urbanization process in Sub-Saharan African result oriented. It is necessary to stress that even if the Government is transparency its budgeting and spending that would address the effects of urbanisation; the GOVERNED has a lot to do as well in the need to participate adequately in all the processes. To enhance their meaningful participation, there is need for formal and informal education. With education, the BASIC foundation for development is solidly put in place. Dean Cira, do you share this opinion too?
Again, on the issue of relocating the Urban Poor and the effects on the re-located site (environment). I strongly believe that the involvement of the prospective Urban Poor in the proposed re-location project and caring for the economic and infrastructural needs of the urban poor at the re-location site would help in no small measure to mitigate against likely adverse effects that could result from the project. It is equally necessary to bring to play EDUCATION. Nobody would not like good environment that would promote his good health, liveability, economic development; if he is properly educated of these benefits.

Olubunmi Adesina
June 24, 2013

Good talk, I just publish a book in relevance to what you meant by poverty (poor). In this 21ist century my definition of poverty is the inability of able individual to unitize his cognitive capacity to manage or create resources around him to produce the basic necessities of life. The aspiration of an ostentatious demand to satisfy social circumstantial environmental mindset defray some of our obligatory phenomenon. Re orientation by meaningful education will help.