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Submitted by David on
Joshua, thank you for pointing this out. From what I understand, the Voucher system is not the approach we need to take to improve the education for the vast majority of students (especially in the United States). Often times the voucher systems end up taking funding away from public schools, and like Joshua said here, they are often already under much bureaucratic restraint as is. The issue is that the vast majority of students are (and for the foreseeable future) attending public schools. So in my opinion we should be focusing on create a better environment for those schools to succeed, and I just don't see how vouchers accomplish that. Additionally, like Joshua said, whether it be Vouchers or a Lottery system for private schools, the vast majority of people are still left out. And honestly, the "improvements" in Columbia are VERY marginal and unimpressive. In the case of New York, 19,000 students DID NOT get into to school that they wanted. So yes we can put on our blinders and focus on the very few that it helped, but this simply does not address the root of the issue. We can continue to beat around the bush on education or we can try to make some real changes and help promote education for ALL citizens, and not cherry-pick the few and hold them up on pedestal.