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Submitted by Suhas Parandekar on
Readers who liked this excellent blog written by Harry may like to read the report of a new study that presents analysis of a lottery experiment in New York City similar to the PACES study in Colombia. The study followed children from kindergarten in 1997 through to college enrollment in 2011. The lottery selected about 1,000 of over 20,000 applicants and the study compares the college enrollment of the intervention and control groups. The main finding is that scholarship winners in the African American community were 24% more likely to attend college; attendance at selective colleges (with average SAT scores of entering students of 1100 or higher) went up from 3% to 8%. The study could not identify significant impact on college enrollment among Hispanic students and there were too few white and Asian students to analyze. The authors of the study, Matthew Chingos and Paul Peterson wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal, US Edition Thursday, Aug. 23. Links to the Op-Ed and the report below: