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Submitted by Sigamoney on

A very interesting input on educational reform. Accountability, improving results and advancing the quality of the education system is critical for countries to succeed. You have pointed out the major obstacles to education reform. I am of the view that educational reform is compromised by a tendency to obtain "quick wins". Education stakeholders and political forces are often under immense pressure to produce results. Particularly in developing contexts there are no quick fix solutions to education. The basics must be entrenched in the system to ensure that there are sustained and long term gains. Good teacher education, excellent intergovernmental oo-operation, accountability mechanisms and sophisticated advocacy is required. What is often missing is the emphasis on the collective good. Many year ago we spoke about the collective good and sociologists of education did a remarkable job of pointing this out. Rampant individualism and vested interests instead of the collective good has resulted in a very superficial education environment. Until we develop a better grasp of the political economy of reform and understand its long term implications for a society, very little progress will be achieved. Thanks for initiating discussion on this important topic