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  • Reply to: A Free Online Course on Early Childhood Development   4 days 14 hours ago

    this is such a rare priviledge. the importance of ECD cannot be overemphasized. As a social worker with street children, this course will be of great help. thank you

  • Reply to: Giving young children the voice they lack   4 days 17 hours ago

    thanks Claudia for raising this issue. Early Childhood Development is about the most important area of education in the developing world. Young people and the development of young people is pivotal for a better world. For the poor the crucial intervention is create an awareness of the value of education, the importance of learning to read and being socialized into an intellectual culture. Bowles and Gintis told us many decades ago schools have a tendency to reproduce the status quo. In very poor contexts there has to be some radical actions or interventions for the poor so that education creates the platform for social mobility. If a child does not learn to read by the age of 8 they are most likely to drop out of school
    I am also delighted that UNICEF and the World Bank views this issue very seriously. Current developments in the world, more specifically the terror in Paris, suggest that there are many disaffected youth particularly amongst the poor. The youth should be taken care of and we need to find ways in which we can assist across the world in this process of addressing the challenges faced by the youth. How do we prevent youth from not taking education seriously? How do we change our education programmes? How do we advance a new narrative for the youth and society? How do we change the status quo so that we provide the youth with hope and a desire to advance themselves in constructive ways? How do we develop education programmes that are more relevant and meaningful to the youth across the world. Thanks again Claudia for the raising the issue of poverty and education.

  • Reply to: No girl left behind - Education in Africa   1 week 9 hours ago

    It is very important to have a good education. Why don't girls get the chance to learn. I think it is stupid. Girls are just as good at anything as boys are. Some people that have a chance to learn don't take it but if some body said you don't have a chance they can't do any thing in their future.

  • Reply to: A Free Online Course on Early Childhood Development   1 week 12 hours ago

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity to t. ak
    e the course online and free too. ECD cannot be ignored, children need to be nurtured so they can grow up into mature responsible adults.

  • Reply to: Education 2030 and the road ahead   2 weeks 2 days ago

    In India even the poorest prefer private schools over government schools to educate(primary-presecondary) their children.Indiscipline among teachers & schools is rampant.All children get compulsorily promoted upto grade 8th.Even 7th grade children cannot do simple multiplication,reading/writings.So we have 8th pass youth unfit for higher studies or skill development