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  • Reply to: Four cautionary lessons about education technology   1 week 23 hours ago

    Válidas consideraciones y acertadas las 4 lecciones
    hay que tener claro que las TIC para la educación deben tener como norte las capacidades tecnológicas, sociales y ambientales que los estudiantes deben construir, es decir son medio, y de manera marginal fin en sí.

  • Reply to: Early childhood as the foundation for tomorrow’s workforce   1 week 4 days ago

    In low income countries, particularly Africa, an integrated approach is needed where data on the first 28 days of life are utilised to design interventions that will set the child on an optimal growth path. We know very little from the existing data on the first 1000+ days (from conception until the second birthday). Let us decongest the "under 5 years" concept so that we come up with clear entry points. Developing the child during the earliest stages of life using data that is generated everyday will set Africa's transformative agenda. While the continent is rising,it is living it's own future (children) behind!

  • Reply to: Why school enrollment is not enough: A look inside Haiti’s classrooms   2 weeks 1 day ago

    I agree but what is usually left out of these conversations is the part of the necessity for reinforcement of memory & cognition training at home. The parents literacy must become a crucial part in the sustaining factor of Elementary educational training. In many areas of the US in impoverished or rural communities the academic decline of its students can be linked strongly to the time needed for repetitive training once children are home. If adult literacy is in question and 70% of memorization can not be reinforced once home many of the efforts of in school training will be impeded due to the childrens parents or guardians lack of basic education fundementals.

    So no matter how many systems are in place if this one Fact is included which is common amongst the educational elite or those who either themselves have come from a legacy of parental or hired education support systems this pattern regardless to money will continue its repeat.

    All Children who are born without some form of cognitive deficits have the ability at a high level to learn multiple applications when there is reinforced memorization in place by their Primary Caregivers as these are their primary influences through age 10.

    My point we really need to assist the heavily burdened teachers and academia with programs that parents and caregivers can use at home to strengthen their own aptitude which would coincide with Elementary & Primary School learning which will help them strenghthen their childrens learning capacity.

    Each Nation is still only as strong as its weakest link and this area of weakness is where we can strenghten if any of us are to be competitive in our local ir glibal economy otherwise we will all in the next tyrn of the Century be subject to the largest Cast systems of indentured slave workforces which are not beneficial to any country long-term just look at India as an example- this system in the new millennium is a set up for Civil War as Syria is currently experiencing. A well educated population fosters Hope and Promise!!

  • Reply to: Four cautionary lessons about education technology   3 weeks 3 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I look forward to learning more about this initiative.

  • Reply to: Four cautionary lessons about education technology   3 weeks 3 hours ago

    Excellent point! While I stand by the point that we don’t see technology systematically replacing teachers, this is a useful example of how it may happen in moments of last resort.