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  • Reply to: Why we should invest in getting more kids to read — and how to do it   3 days 9 hours ago

    Thank you Michael. I am getting pretty good feedback so far, on twitter. I think people like the idea. Comparability and languages are an issue. But the idea is to create an early measure to alert teachers, parents, countries, etc. about the need to focus on early reading. At least one early reading indicator is comparable regardless of language is the ability to read any word, the so-called zero words indicator. It’s a start. Thanks. Harry

  • Reply to: Is Finland Still an Education Superstar?   3 days 14 hours ago

    Changes will always come along the way. Finland might not top in the PISA results but it doesn't mean that they cannot return to their title as one of the country that has best educational system. Despite of not topping we can still learn something from them, the secrets behind those years of being top in PISA results. The PISA results might also help Finland to do something and learn what is missing in their educational system and the reason why they didn't maintain their position.

  • Reply to: Is Finland Still an Education Superstar?   3 days 14 hours ago

    Finland can still be considered as one of the country that has best educational system. They might fail to top in the latest PISA results but it doesn't mean that their educational system is at failure. Despite of not topping in the assessment, they still remain as one of the top performing country. We can still learn from their educational system despite of what happened. Changes will always come along the way maybe it will help them to change something or do something to make them return to their position as the leading country in Programme for International Student Assessment.

  • Reply to: How to host 200,000 refugee students in your education system: An answer from Lebanon   4 days 22 hours ago

    I wish, they fastly will get good condition.. and its program can encourage them to have bright future ..

  • Reply to: Investing in parents for a more productive and inclusive Brazil   5 days 9 hours ago

    Thank you for your follow up and interest. Our measure of success is based on the level of an indicator regularly published by the Brazilian Education Institute (INEP), IDEB for the early grades of primary education (“ Índice de Desenvolvimento da Educação Básica” in Portuguese). IDEB is an indicator of the quality of education that combines information on student learning (captured by national assessments at the end of school year) with student passing rates. In 2015, among the 100 top schools in the first cycle of Fundamental Education (covering grades 1st through 5th) nationwide, more than 70 best performing schools are located in the Ceara state.

    This may be surprising at first sight, but surely partly reflects the important reforms that the state and several of its 184 municipios have implemented over the last years. Some important contributions were the creation of PAIC (Programa Alfabetizacao na Idade Certa) and innovations in management for results in the education sector which have included providing finantial incentives to reward positive school and student performance.

    Furthermore, the state was also one of the first to built in financial incentives through the state level transfers to the municipios ( through the design of the ICMS) while providing technical assistance and support to the lagging schools/municipios.