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  • Reply to: Teachers and trust: cornerstones of the Finnish education system   1 day 21 hours ago

    Well compiled post, The teaching profession is really a great instrument in order to mold the future of a nation. Finnish people have learned it very early, therefore, propagating it through their education system. Hope other developing nations get some lessons from the mechanism and provide a better environment for its students and enhance their learning skills. Hope to see changes in our country too. Thanks for your informative post. Keep sharing the insights!

  • Reply to: Teachers and trust: cornerstones of the Finnish education system   5 days 19 hours ago

    Great piece. The Finnish education model is indeed a subject worth examining in innovation lab and shrewd to fit into the host community. On the issue of trust, they may have gotten it but the rest still conforms with the 'Command and Control" method of school administration. About time, actions are put in place to accept what is working and improve on it.

  • Reply to: The Early Grade Bottlenecks and Low Completion Rates in Africa   1 week 2 days ago

    Teachers are the important pillars of an education system and they will have to be fortified with knowledge and made abreast of the useful technological advantages in a school education system. This will help them in providing an atmosphere towards educating kids accordingly. The monitoring system should be made efficient in order to have an actual picture of the student's ratio attending school education. Thanks for your detailed information shared on the post. Keep sharing the ideas and updates on expanding education among the needy people in third world countries. All the best!

  • Reply to: Teachers and trust: cornerstones of the Finnish education system   1 week 3 days ago

    Very interesting and Captivating. This is the way to go. The better teachers are served and encouraged, the future of a nation is secured. They hold the key to responsible and excellent minded human resource. My country Ghana should watch and learn.

  • Reply to: Teachers and trust: cornerstones of the Finnish education system   1 week 4 days ago

    The Finnish educational system is indeed a veritable global template for quality education in our modern world. The philosophy behind the success of the Finnish educational system is their realisation that human capital development is the most valuable asset of a nation and the key to its optimal welfare and prosperity. The amazing aspect of the system is its effectiveness in simplicity, devoid of over-stressing the learners and their parents/caregivers with overwhelming homeworks. Every serious minded country, both OECD and non-OECD countries should understudy the Finnish educational system and borrow as much as they require to upgrade their existing systems.

    For my country Nigeria, I suggest that the government mandates the Federal Ministry of Education to arrange for bitateral partnership of selected Nigerian universities with Finnish universities with strong teacher-training educational prorams so that they can understudy the Finnish system and adapt their teacher-training programs to the Nigerian context.