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Submitted by Ruth Mac Partlin on

For ministers of education, put the infrastructure in, there's loads of resources, open and licensed, if there's no connectivity, there's no access. Technology is always going to go faster than policy and national strategies, make sure the students can connect, advise on minimum specifications for devices, a lot of low spec devices are distributed with good intentions, but of little use, while low cost high spec also come to market. You can plan how you accept and evaluate content, learning outcomes, available offline as well as online, works on all/certain devices, what will work for your education system. Also consider how you enable teachers to create and share digital content, look at the international data interchange standards such as LRE and LRMI. Take independent advice or bring the expertise in house, don't allow one company dominate your decisions, if you do, you'll miss the innovative releases from smaller companies, leave the options open.