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Dear Tariq,

Are you aware that by clicking on my name you are linked to the website of this undertaking you refer to? Most of the questions you put up in your post are discussed there at length and in academic fashion. Since we are a Tanzanian recognised non-profit organisation cooperating with the government I hope that Mike won't mind when I repeat the link here:

You definitely didn't research there, or at Wikipedia looking for OpenDoc:
After burying a brilliant alternative to develop software, the IT-industry currently buries the generative computation.

Regarding your second paragraph:

1) Its not an African alternative but a global alternative like Linux - just better structured.
2) No, its not costly but more cheap as you believe. In fact it requires less than the cost of 1 Toyota Landcruiser! Look at the page where I just set-up a crowdfunding campaign it just takes ca. 3000 people to give EUR20 or USD25 each and the Uhuru OS becomes available for everybody.
3) No cellphone use is not affordable for most local Africans, they do without food occasionally just to remain connected. The mobile phones are of lowest quality, the Internet connections are ridiculously slow and unstable.
4) A tablet is rather a content player than a computer.

Tariq, you are welcome to study our KUKU concept online, your critics suggestions and support is always welcome.