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Submitted by mary wambaria on

I am happy to see my country Kenya among the ten.The OLPC is a great initiative and the literature of the experiences and practices around are helpful.It is my belief that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.Definitely challenges will be there.Since new technology is here with us we must be ready to prepare globally competitive citizens who have the skills required in the 21st century such as problem solving,corroborative skills, creative thinking and the like.However new technologies cannot be effective without appropriate content and professional development of the teacher.The question is;who develops content in countries which has already rolled out OLPC Programmes.
My other concern is the notion that when we discuss about ICTs in education we tend to concentrate too much on the computer based instruction.As a specialist in Educational media I feel that we have media convergence.Could you give links to other best practices on the use of other initiatives like radio and Educational television.