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Hi Chizaram,

Thanks for your comments.

We are, it appears, of largely similar minds.

One quick response: You write that "I believe tech companies should do more by interacting with the potential users and spend time to develop products/services to solve real educational problems." I fully agree with you here. I would also note that many tech companies do indeed do this -- but their interactions are often with a narrowly defined set of such users. These 'users' are the ones most like themselves, or their employees (or their children), operating in contexts most similar to what they themselves are used to.

For me, one implication of this observation (to the extent that it is accurate) is that it will be from many of the education and technology companies (and NGOs, and academic institutions and researchers) which are closest to the 'users' in educational contexts in Nigeria (or Kenya, or India, or Brazil, or ...) that we might expect some of the most useful edtech products and services that meet user needs in such places to emerge.

The belief of mine has informed a number of related posts here on the EduTech blog, including these two:


Thanks again for your comment, and good luck with your work!