Private sector roles in fighting corruption

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Fighting corruption with a multidimensional approach is picking up more speed.  At a recent conference in Hong Kong, sponsored by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the gathering challenged some of the common notions of measuring corruption, focused on evidenced based policy, and looked at the roles that the private sector can and needs to play to reduce corruption.  Some 400 business and policy leaders from around the world recognized that closer engagement with associations of businesses, including small and medium-scale entrepreneurs and multinationals, is also required.  In addition they called for better integration of anti-corruption and integrity standards into corporate governance and guidelines for corporate social responsibility.   Much of the proceedings are available online.  You can also click on the following links for more information on World Bank's work on anti-corruption and business ethics, or see this reading list.  Hopefully, the event will contribute to generating more action on the private sector side.

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