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June 2008

A Marketplace of Ideas for Tackling Stigma and Social Exclusion

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When the South Asia Development Marketplace for innovative ideas to tackle stigma and discrimination relating to HIV/AIDS was launched in November 2007 by the HIV/AIDS Group in the South Asia Region of the World Bank and its partners, civil society groups across South Asia sent in almost a thousand proposals.

People fear HIV/AIDS because of the association with sex, drugs, illness, and death.  In South Asia, the epidemic is driven largely by high risk practices – buying and selling sex, injecting drugs, and unprotected sex among men having sex with men.  This compounds the fear and stigma around HIV/AIDS, as sex workers, injecting drug users, and men having sex with men are already stigmatized.

What will it take to get to Governance for All?

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Governance for All sounds a lot like Education for All.  That's the global movement, led by UNESCO, that aims to meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults by 2015.  But this time it's the World Bank, and our own Dani Kaufmann, launching a new blog on governance.   A great idea.