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Submitted by Shahid Chowdhury on

Okay, Bangladesh just joined "Lower middle income countries' club" We congratulate all governments who were involved since 1991-2010 to reduce poverty level as a result 20.5 million people escaped from vicious circle of poverty. We have a bad sign of one sector like garments dependent economy as a result we have to diversify exports to get rid of one sector dependency. In addition, our country heavily dependent on manufacturing sector but we must have to add knowledge based and service sectors too. Otherwise, we can not compete globally. Our tourism, Software, hotel and restaurant business must be improved in terms of quality and quantity along with investment from private and government sectors. Above all we need rule of law, good governance and human rights that were mentioned by Dr. Fahmida Khatun in Tritoy Matra. Without political stability we can not attract foreign direct and indirect investment. Nowadays, China is a global economic and military power, it has enormous amount of Foreign currency surplus so China can invest in our growing economy. In other words, there is a "big push" theory in economics so only China can give us a big push from take off position to drive to maturity and high mass consumption.