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Submitted by Monower Mithu on

Irrespective of so many limitations like governance, energy crisis, infrastructure etc. Bangladesh showed some remarkable successes in recent years. Development to me not always can be measured through economic indicators. Bangladesh achieve much better success then India and Pakistan in social indicators accompanied by aforementioned economic growth. Garment sector being the engine of economic growth in this sector employing around 4.4 million people majority of which are women. Government strategically helping this sector through different policy support because in Bangladesh we have had huge unemployed labour and some cases labour in informal sector. Ready made garment (RMG) is a labour intensive sector can play vital role to combat unemployment. Legacy is also a matter RMG sector showed sharp growth trend. Leather, tea, sea food are also popular export product of Bangladesh. Bangladesh aspired to export 60 Billion USD by 2021 and graduated to a middle income country and government sets a target of 50 Billion export from RMG sector. We hope and believe Bangladesh will be able to reach the target within stipulated time frame.