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Submitted by Chulie on
Pala: Thank you for the answer to my question "So are we Sri Lankan women more prosperous and hold more equal position at the workplace than the Sheila’s in Oz?" Your answer viz a bold NO brings home the point that we have to do more work where women and poverty are concerned and seek no comfort in research reports. I must say I was being polite and not saying these statistics don’t tell the whole story. And these stats mean even less to the poor women in the categories you mentioned. A woman who knocked on my door selling fertilizer works for another villager who is supported by a samurdhi ( Government’s national program to alleviate poverty) grant. The smart thirty something woman said her husband left her for another woman, he pays no alimony and she is struggling to bring up and educate a son. When I wanted to photograph her, She was savvy enough not to want her photograph taken to be on the Net and said lots of photos are being doctored and used for nefarious purposes. So you see Pala there is another side to Sri Lankan women which tells me that they are very street smart, knowledgeable and resourceful. So, let’s take her and tell me how does she match to an Aussie counterpart?