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Submitted by Chulie on
Sunil Rodrigo: Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree more the need for better communication and the skills building in IT for our rural sector. Although Sri Lanka still lags behind some countries we are trying to catch up. The World Bank Supported e-Sri Lanka project with the Information Communication and Technology Agency ( at the helm is making very good headway enlarging Sri Lanka’s e- footprint through the e-society program. Please see my blog post ( on the e-Swarnabhimani awards for creative digital content developers. This will give you a good idea of the creativity of our young and quite a number of awards went to the rural sector. See also the article recently in the Bottomline paper titled “e-Sri Lanka transforming a nation through ICT” ( . Then there is the “One lap to per child initiative of the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education which is supported by the World Bank’s Education Sector Development project ( In addition, your comment makes me realize that we are not doing enough to communicate the work that is going on in Sri Lanka. We will try to rectify that.