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Submitted by Shruthi Komandur on
It's wonderful to see your blog.. very thought provoking indeed, how you to want young world citizens to promote entrepreneurship in the smallest of the smallest slums in India and possibly around the world. Yes, I truly believe that micro entrepreneurs will save themselves, their families, their children but most of all mostly they will uplift the economy. Such is their power. But often, it is very difficult for lets say, a woman from a slum, to break out of her shell, break from the bond that she owes her family of taking care of them, break out from the carefree life of living off her husbands or even child's money while she takes care of the young ones until they grow up to earn. Of course because of this, for generations together her girl-children and grandchildren will not uplift themselves or even remotely develop, yes the status-quo. Because its catch 22 you see. This might be unrelated to the blog, but definitely its connected. How do you think its best for young people to bring change? I know there are many ways, but what's the best and what works to make the woman sitting in her little shack to get moving?