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Thank you for your comments. A few thoughts: Regarding trade benefiting the bigger country (India) more, note that Pakistan has significant trade with another even larger giant China. Pakistan has benefited from this relationship and the same can be expected with India. On the potential for India swallowing Pakistan's economy, we don't agree -- I would like to draw your attention to India's trade with Sri Lanka, which has worked very well for both -- the latter is arguably smaller relative to India than Pakistan. But no swallowing has occurred. While you are correct to note that Bangladesh did not want TATA to explore gas a few years ago, and we certainly agree that history in the region is bad, the fact today is that the status of Bangladesh-India relations has improved considerably--e.g., duty free imports from Bangladesh of garments, benefiting Bangladesh. Additionally, note, India's agreement to share power with Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. On India banning rice exports during the food crisis, there is no question that banning exports to reduce volatility is bad policy. It hurts the poor everywhere including in the country imposing the ban, because it drives the price of the banned good down. More importantly, though, the ban was quickly reversed in the case of exports to Bangladesh. One final point, you are right, much needs to be done to gain trust in the region, but in the past couple of years, disruptions have been much shorter lived than in the past. We cannot afford to ignore these facts, and I believe there is good reason and evidence to be hopeful.