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Submitted by Jawwad Rizvi on
It is interesting to read optimism of Tara Beteille, but the reality is bitter which need to be addressed to make the Pakistan-India Borders irrelevant for the businesses and trade. The anonymous comment is quite realistic in which the person has highlighted many tensions between the two countries clearly but did not discuss where the trade will stand if Mumbai or Samjootha train like incidents would take place in future. How the businesses and trade will react if Pakistan will raise finger about Indian spying agency involvement in unrest in Balochistan on which Pakistan’s government kept silence reasons best known to it or want to highlight some right time suitable for the establishment. India is talking about MFN status to her by Pakistan but ignoring the reality what it was doing with Pakistan despite giving MFN status it to more then one and half decade ago. Still high non tariff barrier exits in Indian side while despite huge need of cement India was not giving fair playing filed to Pakistani cement sector to send it through Wagha-Attari land route and there are many examples there. Yes, potential is exist for both countries in bilateral trade but at what cost and who will be real beneficiary is a million dollar question which need to be answered first? How does Kasmhir, and water related issues would be resolved for long-lasting peace and trade? Does India is sincere to start bilateral trade with Pakistan for the promotion of regional economies or just want to sell some of its items to Pakistan to make it a dependent country on India like exporting electricity to it? It is also bitter reality that India never accepted Pakistan an independent country since after partition and after doing every thing it understand to control Pakistan – it needs to control its economy. What was the decision of India when it faced onion crop failure just one year back and imposed ban on its export to Pakistan ignoring the principle of free trade markets? What is attitude of India towards foreign investment as its reported by doing business report that Indian government policies were not favourable for doing business there by the foreign investments. Its Indian policy that it was imposed ban on Pakistani cricketers to play Indian Premier League while Pakistani officials were supervised these matches. Its India who was not given visa to a former Pakistan cricketer Azhar Mehmood who is not English Nationality too to represent its team in IPL. Its also dual standards of India to allow Waseem Akram a legend cricketer to live there and train their blowers. So the things are opened to everyone that India only do those steps which favor it not Pakistan, Bangladesh or anyone else. There is many other things which need to be resolved first to make borders irrelevant before this trade. Working Journalist in Pakistan, Jang Group of Media Economic Correspondent Jawwad Rizvi