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Submitted by Anushali on

What India needs it already has had for years - and it can support itself as it has for thousands of years. Let's not mess it up in the name of development - by imposing what we city-bred and quasi-intellectuals think we need. There is no necessity to impose a western style model or a China model to India. It is difficult to see the breakdown of a wonderful laid-back, family-oriented, loving India with communal values... into becoming selfish and me-first Western consumerist culture, where the majority of the poor are suffering, feeling left out, and having a rough time and feeling more hopeless. It is sad to think that we are going for a GMO based, systematic destruction of our village-based rural life where values more important than money rule people and society. We have swallowed the capitalist agenda - hook line and sinker - and seem to be unable to think with wisdom. The shiny object never ceases to attract the native - and marketing is the all-powerful king pushing the shiny object. Destroying our villages destroys our culture. The Western model's dependence upon currency systems basically takes our already existing comfortable self-sustaining lives and makes us employees to an unsustainable, heavy wastage of natural resources system, where to regain our peaceful life becomes available only for the very rich. Screw economic growth and attracting FDI, it would be great if UK paid off all our debts (from years of stealing from India) and let India be independent. And take no more loans from anyone.