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Submitted by peter van dijk on

As one can easily deduct from global experience in human development, the foundation of regional integration is humanist, cultural mutual respect, appreciation. At the moment such a foundation is not there.

Discussions take place that focus on military agreements, reducing international trade impediments and financial stability. They carefully exclude taboos on cultural, humanist, religious issues. Highest poverty and inequality levels are found in countries that lack universally respected and applied humanism. Logically the currencies and financial systems in such societies are also most vulnerable.

This is common sense and such common sense seems to be impossible to mention, leave alone discuss in the World Bank (and similar "development institutions"). This is thus not only sad, but intentionally weak behavior, keeping people purposely in daily misery and abuse. The World Bank works hard to keep the attention of development experts and governments on theories of financial inclusion. They even now promote expertise in religion specific financial theories on which factual data already provide evidence that such religious finance fails to reduce poverty in a sustainable manner.

Let us hope that work undertaken by some United Nations organisations and civil organisations on inter-religion tolerance and multi-cultural respect will attract more attention and get more funds from WB shareholders, recognising that most financial inclusion experts are wrong. And let's admire (and join) individuals such as young girl Malala and hope that she will convince many of us.