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I read this and felt sad. Why does she need to pay when access to sanitation is a human right. When the NGO got funding why not give it free. Just asking.

Please help me track this woman down. We will try to help her fund a midwifery skills course.

And please google Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation. New voices in poverty alleviation for 'Third World'. Experts have been at it for decades now but I cannot see success. Just heavily bureaucratic organisation posturing and talking and objectifying poor folk as victims. In her picture she looks so sad. Why? And hopefully she was paid for this case study? It is time to change the narrative.

Finally World Bank SE Asia. Do get in touch with me? If you want. We need to work together? You need to hear what my r&d in Bangladesh taught us.

Yasmin C.

Founder of Lovedesh & Amcariza Foundation.