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Submitted by Mahmud on

Mr. Zakir, you have mentioned that current govt is trying to explore new job market and you underlined about malaysia. I am asking you,do you relly has any data of that how many new workers has got the mayalsian visa? No-2, if you compare last 5 years term of current govt major remittance countris were stopped issuing visa like KSA, UAE, QATAR, KUWAIT as well. What steps had govt taken to ease the situation. I am UAE Expat last 8 years working with remittance base company and we have the data that last one year from UAE only approximately 100K labours has lost their job and sent back to Bangladesh on other hand no visa since 2 years for new inflow. Same case happened in Libya when war started approximately 60k workers has gone back and govt has no clue where they are what they are doing now. Though govt had mentioned they will compensate those who all were affected in libya. You mentioned there are some domestic problems in UAE & KSA but what are the problems you didnot mentioned. I can tell you there are no such problems for thems. Problems are from our side we dont have strong diplomatic relationships in gulf or middle-east. You know why UAE has banned Bangladeshi Visa? Apperently its because of damographic balance they have their own poulation estimate for different countries and for bangladesh it has surplus the limit, but the reality is Bangladeshi govt failed to cooperate with UAE govt in illegal workers issue, Mannual to MRP Passport issues, High Expenses of visa charging by Bangladeshi Rucruiting agancies, Many Bangladeshi visiting with fake visas and also who all are coming in visit visas after few month they are becoming illegals and not returning back these are major issues for visa ban in UAE. similarly in KSA as well. Even KSA govt has proposed to open direct recruitng office in Bangladesh so that bangladeshi workers can easily choose their job category as per their skills and with minimum expense they can go to KSA, but our prudant govt has apperently declined the proposal by favouring the interest of BAIRA( Bangladesh Association or Recruting agencies) not looking to the workers interest. You are metioning about the new market but reailty is last 5 years we havnt seen any develeopment or initiatives by the govt for that. Besides our Overseas worker welfare Minister Masarrof is sleeping whole time and giving meaningless statements rather putting some real effort for the expatriates wellbieng. I have never heard of his visit in UAE last two years for any single time. If he is an expatriate welfare minister he should visit the major expatriate living countries like KSA, UAE, KUWAIT ..etc but unfortunately he is mostly stationed in Dhaka and giving media statements. I would really appreciate if you could mention some real steps where govt has succeeded to increase remittance or for easing visa ban and creating new job market. just giving vague statements or forcasting big things would never serve the purpose!!