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Submitted by Tarun Das on

One important aspect and benefits of remittances have not been adequately discussed in the analysis (except two brief lines at the end). Remittances bring valuable foreign exchange which lead to the increase of foreign exchange reserves of the banking system and are used for imports of essential goods and services like food, fertilizers, fuel, plant and machinery, meeting debt services in time. If these remittances (about 12 billion US$) are not received, there would have been serious balance of payments crisis and Bangladesh may have defaulted on debt service payments. There could have been serious instability in the exchange rare leading to excessive depreciation of Bangladesh Taka. Thus remittances help in achieving high growth rates, maintaining macroeconomic stability and also exchange rate stability. Tarun Das, Technical Expert (Debt Management and Policy), World Bank Administered DMTBF Project, Finance Division, Min of Finance, Bangladesh.