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Submitted by Yusuf Khan on

Myself is involved in both Part of Phase I & IB - GSHP 3A & GSHP 10 as Quality & Materials Engineer from Contracting firm from 2001 to 2008 . Also discharge a duties as Senior Bridge Engineer , Environment Engineer & Additional Project Manager . It's treasured time of my carrier . We are given a full fledged atmosphere , freedom & all support of technical know how to develop & construct best possible engineering product by R& B Engineers , Supervision Consultant . They are best , sincere , honest & technical sound a lot of Engineers I ever seen my professional carrier . I do agree that our invoice payment we received within 2-4 days after raising IPC ( Interim Payment Certificate ) . The road we construct are still in best riding quality state & no overlay done on it - kindly visit Morvi -Tankara -Rajkot SH 25 . always Feel proud & prevelage to work with such a fabulous gentlemen & engineers .