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  • Reply to: Is Dhaka Ready? Towards Urban Resilience in Bangladesh   1 week 2 days ago

    albeit seismic assessments and subsequent 'retro'-fitting initiatives sounds like a easy communal or policy fix (to get the buying houses back on-board), the irony is that the root cause in not in our building codes, rather its in the integrity of our building approval process (speaking from intimate discussions with BUET, IEB, RAJUK, Structural Advisors, Builders, etc). The point is, the global AEC industry has finally landed on a profound practice development, appropriately dubbed 'Building Information Modelling' or BIM (by way of parametric modelling and GIS-data). The good news is that leading practitioners, institutions and governments are now mandating BIM model submissions for competing in design, fabrication and construction bids, university programs, design competitions, etc. You see, the incumbents in the Construction business are SO steeped in profit making by averting risk, that they're quite aggressively reluctant in embracing changes (both in learning new technological tools AND adopting best practice policies)- and that's a global phenomenon. In sum, I'm suggesting a top-down approach in implementing national BIM standards in tendering Capital Projects (ref: UK, RIBA 2013) instead of applying a seismic band-aids.

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    There is urgent need of sustainable planning for cities but I think the root cause is related to economic opportunities. Near about all vulnerable cities are situated in undeveloped or developing countries. Economic Planning will automatically lift city planning.

  • Reply to: What if you and I were born on the same day?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Welcome to life. Get used to life. It is impossible for the entire world to fit into the same mold. Some are born the way and where they are born. It is called reality. It is of noones choosing. It was observed by Darwin. Yes there are fits, and fittests. Articles such as this only amplilies guilt-trip we must wear (says who?)and only fan sentimentalism and emotional amber. But woefully fails to appreciate that even if all the wealth in the world are confiscated and channeled to address the supposed disparity, all such effort could never achive expected uniformity of outcome in ourlife time. Let us explore rather to extend opportunity to as many. There is never a situation where a boy born in mmaku will have equal access to better living like a boy born in sugarland TX. Utopia exist only in elitist imaginations. Come over to reality please.

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    Nice article. Like!

  • Reply to: To Lead Tomorrow, Future Leaders Must Learn to Read Today   3 weeks 2 days ago

    ''According to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, almost one quarter of the youth in the developing world cannot read a sentence.'' Is it? This is 21st century reality. But why? Many reason are there. Which your organization have tried to locate with educated tools. Main crisis is poverty and socioeconomic ignorance. Another report we have got from your organ. that is ''The economic prospects of a country follow the learning curve of its children. The Global Monitoring Report notes that if all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. Let’s get reading!'' Need proper midday meal support. And mother touch governance to our beloved primary student. They have need primary sports facility also to continue education.