What is the best path to building better and greener after the COVID-19 pandemic? Currently, there are two opportunities that are especially relevant for MENA countries:

Marcelo Acerbi, Martin Heger, Helena Naber, Lia Sieghart |

Tunisia's ranking in terms of gender equality dropped from 90th to 124th between 2006 and 2020. The trend in the overall index is reflected in the sub-indices. Tunisia thus moves from the...

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There is a radical shift in the range of mobility available, from e-bikes and e-scooters to shared autonomous vehicles and electrified transport systems. In Cairo today, women see bikes and...

Paul Noumba Um, Dickson Effah |

The Middle East and North African countries cannot wait until the end of the pandemic to begin rebuilding the post-COVID region.

Ferid Belhaj, Nadir Mohammed |

In 2016, the Government of Jordan, in partnership with the international community, has committed to tackling the challenge of improving the living conditions, prospects and resilience of both...

Meriem Ait Ali Slimane, Fiona Allen, Maha Kattaa, Patrick Daru |

As the region recovers from the economic downturn, it is important that governments make their recovery 'green'.

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced school closures around the world, affecting 103 million students across the Middle East and North Africa.

Mohammed Audah (Audi), Maja Capek, Aishwarya Patil |

Today, the world is seeing an unprecedented freeze on work and production, a repercussion of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken to confine it.

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Human solidarity is the most powerful defense against human suffering. Across the region, we are seeing scores of stories of people uniting, any way they can, to alleviate the health and economic...

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